Full Epos system for Retail

 Full Retail system for £750+vat includes:
Laser Barcode Scanner
Hands free scanner stand
Casio Touchscreen Terminal
80mm high speed Printer
Pop up customer display
Lifetime Licence Software APP
30 days telephone support
Upload of 5000 Popular RRP`s for a ( convenience shop)

epos retail
  • Fast Barcode Scan

  • Full system includes Software App

  • Separate top and bottom

  • Motorised screen tilt

Busy Shop, then upgrade the scanner to:

Honeywell  Barcode Scanner

Voyager™ has been cleared for takeoff! With a futuristic design and advanced scanning system, Voyager is the most advanced single-line, hand-held bar code scanner on the market today.

Add £99+vat

Constant customer stream.. ?

upgrade the barcode scanner:
Orbit is an aggressive, omnidirectional presentation laser bar code scanner. Lightweight and rugged, Orbit is small in size but BIG in performance. Orbit is Honeywell`s first point-of-sale bar code scanner to incorporate holographic technology.

Add only £199.99+vat for this scanner.
Product file upload - add only £50+vat

If you already have a product file from an existing epos system or Excel spreadsheet , we can upload this into your New epos system. 

Simply email the file and we can do the rest.

If you are a convenience shop and have never had an epos system before, we can upload a file containing over 4500 popular items like, cigarettes, sweets, chocolates, drinks, food etc into the epos system.

If you are a pharmacy we can upload approx 10,000 popular items that are sold in Chemist/Pharmacy shops.

Please note, as there is such a variety of products and databases you may not get every product you sell on the epos system, you will still need to enter products and change the price according to your unique selling price.
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